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Virginia Hutzuliak
life for as long as I can remember.
deep love of Nature, and what it has
to teach me, and from my life-long
“meaning.” in our lives. Thus I am
biology, and astronomy), as well as
anthropology, philosophy, and the
various expressions of spirituality…..
and how these disciplines relate to
each other at a deeper level of
consciousness and

I like to explore in my art the
“essence” of things, the cycles of
life, paradox and transformation
through the visible and invisible
forces that shape our lives, and to
give artistic expression to the
mysteries and metaphor behind the
world of form.  I am as intrigued
with the microcosm as I am with the
macrocosm, with the unseen as with
the seen. As a result, over time my
work has become more conceptual
in nature.

My work is process-driven. I begin
with a concept and allow it to evolve
in its own way…. as I add and/or
subtract color, design, and textures,
forming and reforming, creating and
destroying, always keeping in mind
the idea that I am trying to capture. I
like to place it somewhat within the
framework of the natural world that
I love, although this part may not
emerge until the latter stages of the
painting., and is only a part of the
whole.  I try to work intuitively,
without imposing too many of my
preconceived “rules” and rigidity
upon the work.  I strive toward a
bridge between the worlds of
abstraction and realism .

My paintings are simplly my need to
honor life:  the essence of our
beloved planet and its myriad life
forms and interactions, as well as to
explore what it means to be human.

Currently I am working primarily in
Acrylics and Oils.                                   
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